Why Baptist?

Why Baptist?

The Significance of Baptist Principles In An Ecumenical Age

By James Alter & Dolton Robertson

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Ecumenism has gained a foothold in many of our churches today. When revealed for what it is, Ecumenism cannot stand. Bible-believing, Baptist people love God and His Word, they strive to be obedient to it and when taught what God says about Ecumenism, they reject it with biblical conviction.

The authors believe that God has spoken in His Word, and it is the responsibility of believers to be obedient to that Word. We also believe there are consequences to despising and disregarding God’s Word.

Because of these beliefs, this work is divided into two books. Book one, explains and defends the Baptist Distinctives. Book two, demonstrates how our doctrinal distinctives promote purity and provide mission for our churches.

In Why Baptist? we cite great Baptist leaders of the past, believing they have much to teach us in our day, but our authority is not church leaders or confessions of faith. Our authority is the pure Word of God, the Bible. It is our prayer that this book will be a help to pastors and churches everywhere to the glory of God.

Why Baptist? is a compelling, challenging and inspiring book. Pastors Alter and Robertson have provided a resource that will help both the novice and the serious student. This book is a welcome addition to the resources available as it confronts falsehoods regarding our Baptist heritage by showing the truth. There is no doubt in my mind that any believer who is willing to invest the time to read this book will find it to be both profitable and encouraging.

Dr. Mark Rasmussen, Vice President of West Coast Baptist College, Lancaster, CA

In an age when 'labels' such as Baptist and even church are considered unnecessary impediments to growth, it is refreshing and encouraging to read the book Why Baptist?. James Alter and Dolton Robertson have given us a clearly written, Scripturally sound, well reasoned treatise on the importance of our Biblical position and the value of our Baptist heritage.

Dr. R. B. Ouellette, Pastor of First Baptist Church, Bridgeport, MI

Why Baptist? is timely and essential to our multi-cultural, politically correct, spiritually shallow “church going” society, where anything goes and everything is accepted in the name of “Christianity.” The book moves quickly, is easy to read and filled with documentation for this ecumenical age. Every home will be inspired, encouraged, and grounded both historically and biblically by reading Why Baptist?.

Dave McCracken, Evangelist, Oklahoma City, OK

I am strongly recommending this book. Brother Alter and Brother Robertson have been used of God to put in writing what has been needed for a long time among we who call ourselves Baptists. So much of our heritage and doctrinal history has been lost or ignored. What our Baptist forefathers paid for with their lives has been compromised and neglected. Sadly, today, many are members of and rearing their children in a Baptist church, but do not know why they are Baptist. May God use this book to renew many in the truth of these values once so dearly held.

Dr. Mickey Carter, Pastor of Landmark Baptist Church & President of Landmark Baptist College, Haines City, FL