Baptist History Memorials Placed by the Baptist History Preservation Society

Dr. John Clarke

John Clarke was born October 3, 1609, in Westhorpe, Suffolk County, England, the sixth child of Thomas and Rose Kerrich Clarke. He attended the University of Leyden, in Holland, where he studied law, medicine, and theology...

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Wightman Cemetery

The First Baptist Church of Connecticut was organized near Groton in 1705, though Baptists lived in the colony prior to the eighteenth century. By 1738, baptized believers began to gather in homes nearby. They were, for a while, known as the Baptist church at Farmington...

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Elder John Waller

Bethabara Baptist Church was founded in 1794 by Elders John Waller, Richard Shackleford and David Lilly. I. M. Allen, writing in the Triennial Baptist Register of 1836, related the events leading to the formation of this church...

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